St John is one of New Zealand’s most trusted and iconic brands. We’re also a first-class employer – we take good care of our paid and volunteer staff, because the quality of our service depends on them.

Make a difference to New Zealand

St John employs nearly 11,000 volunteer and paid staff throughout New Zealand. As a paid employee, you can have a career while also giving back to the country. As a volunteer, you can gain skills, knowledge and the satisfaction of helping others in your community.

Interesting and challenging paid roles

St John is a dynamic, complex work environment. Much of our work is at the front line of medical care, providing 111, emergency ambulance and first aid services to every community in New Zealand. However we also employ hundreds of people in other essential roles, such as marketing and communications, planning, customer service, finance, ICT and human resources.

Rewarding volunteer roles

We have a strong volunteer ethos, with paid and volunteer members working side by side. Volunteer positions at St John can involve work with event medical services, ambulance crew, Caring Caller, animal-assisted therapy, Friends of the Emergency Department, Hospital Friends and St John Youth groups.

Ambulance officers
Our ambulance officers are at the front line. The job requires equal parts of integrity, teamwork, professionalism and empathy.
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Clnical Control Centre roles
St John call takers and dispatchers are dedicated people. They can stay calm and work effectively in the most extreme emergencies - responsing to 111 calls for "ambulance". 
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Our trained volunteers are the glue that holds St John together. They work in a wide range of roles.
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Meet some of our people
What sort of people work for St John? While they come from many backgrounds, they’re all caring, intelligent and unflappable.
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