Refresher course for people who completed first aid training less than two years ago.
  • Provides revalidation for designated workplace first aiders
  • Helps your workplace to meet health and safety standards
  • Compliant with Department of Labour and NZQA requirements
  • Courses can be held at St John or your premises

Refresh first aid knowledge and skills
First aid skills need to be regularly updated and practiced, to ensure you’ll be able to do the right thing in an emergency. This refresher training course is designed to equip you with the latest information and techniques.

You did the right thing by getting trained in the first place, so it makes sense to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date. Book a refresher course now and you’ll maintain your confidence as an effective first aider.

If you didn’t complete your original course with us, it doesn’t matter. You can still choose St John for your refresher training.

What you’ll gain
This six-hour first aid refresher course has a practical focus. It includes scenarios and individual workstations, so that you can reacquaint yourself with first aid equipment and techniques. Learning is fun and focuses on what you need to know. On completion you will:

  • be issued with a new first aid certificate
  • be up-to-date with the latest first aid skills and knowledge

The First Aid Refresher course does not include assessment for unit standards and is only applicable to students, who have previously attended a First Aid Level 1/ First Aid Level 2/ First Aid Refresher course or the equivalent, completed within the last 2 years. If your certificate was issued more than two years ago, or you need to learn first aid from scratch, or you require unit standards, consider a comprehensive basic course like First Aid - Level One.

We are required to ensure students are eligible for First Aid Refresher training. Therefore if you previously completed training with another provider, you are required to either send in a copy of your current certificate or, bring it along with you to your course to prove eligibility. Your tutor is required to sight this document.

If you are unable to produce your certificate or proof of your eligibility for a first aid refresher course, your tutor will not be able to give you a certificate on the day. If you then send proof within 5 days of attending the course, your certificate will be released.

Individual and group courses
First Aid Refresher courses are regularly held at St John premises throughout New Zealand. They are ideal for individuals or small groups. If you have a larger group, St John can arrange a course just for you at your premises or ours.

Enquire about a private course
Ask us about running a refresher course especially for your group, either at your premises or ours. Call us on 0800 FIRST AID (0800 347 782) or
Enquire online >>

Fee $159.00 (incl. GST)
Duration Six hours

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