Funding for St John Medical Alarms

Many people who use St John Medical Alarms receive funding from either the Government or other organisations.  The most common sources of funding include:

  • The Ministry of Social Development, through Work and Income: The Ministry’s Disability Allowance provides financial assistance for those with a physical disability or health condition that puts them at risk.  The allowance can cover up to the full rental cost of a medical alarm.  This is the most common form of government funding.
  • ACC sometimes covers the cost of medical alarm services for patients recovering from accidents

What to do if you already receive the Disability Allowance
If you already receive the Disability Allowance and want to apply for financial assistance for a medical alarm, you’ll need to see your doctor. There are a couple pieces of paperwork that need to be provided to Work and Income:

  • Your doctor needs to complete a medical alarm certificate, confirming that the alarm is needed and directly related to your disability or health condition.
  • You need to provide Work and Income with a copy of your medical alarm contract or receipt for the installation/rental of the medical alarm.

Reassurance that supports independent living
If you have a physical disability or health condition requiring urgent assistance, a St John Medical Alarm could provide the reassurance you need to continue living independently. 

St John is New Zealand’s leading provider of medical alarms and ours is the only medical alarm service that is monitored directly by St John. It is also the medical alarm that doctors prefer to recommend to their patients*.  Choosing a St John Medical Alarm helps to support our ambulance and other essential community services.

*IMS GP Omnibus Survey 2016

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