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Baby BellaOur official Appeal week is 2 – 8 April (just under two weeks away) and we are excited to give you a sneak peek of the campaign that will accompany this year’s Annual Appeal. Each part of this is about driving awareness and engaging with New Zealanders with a giving spirit to donate so we can continue the good we do in our local communities.

Campaign features

  • Heart of Gold: It’s our second year of Heart of Gold as our Annual Appeal positioning and we’re hoping it will continue to build recognition (like Daffodil Day does for the Cancer Society). You’ll see the woven heart underpinning all content and advertising.

  • Baby Bella: We will be sharing the story of baby Bella, born at just 24 weeks. We look at the lifesaving chain from call handler through to attending ambulance officers, all working to save baby Bella, and highlight to donors that it was all made possible by their generous donations.

  • Be a Saint - digital campaign: For the first time, we are increasing focus on digital and online channels with the ‘Be a Saint’ activation campaign. This aims to double historical online donations and engage with a new and younger donor audience. The campaign will be driven by partnering with some high-profile celebrities to spread the word for our campaign through Facebook along with digital and social advertising.  When someone donates online they can change their social profile picture to show their halo and are encouraged to share amongst their friends and networks. As a one off this year, everyone who donates $25 or more through this online campaign can get their name on an ambulance that will tour the country later in the year.

Read the full details of the marketing campaign brief here.

What’s happening in local communities Hundreds of community groups and businesses are supporting our Annual Appeal. This support will come in a variety of different ways from hosting their own event, asking for donations at tills, special mufti days at schools and even airport decals. We’re grateful for this support and will be sharing some of these awesome events and stories during Annual Appeal week.

How you can support Annual Appeal

  1. It’s not too late to organise an event or join a street collection team on Friday 6 April (talk to your Regional Fundraising Managers about where to go).

  2. Share what you’re doing with the rest of St John (and challenge your peers to get involved) on Yammer using #heartofgold #beasaint #annualappeal2018.

  3. Ask your friends and family if their businesses will collect for St John during Annual Appeal. Talk to your regional fundraising manager or the Brand team to email you a poster.

  4. Wear a Heart of Gold pin.

  5. Like, share and engage with the digital content you see online. If you don’t already follow St John NZ on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter now is a great time to do so.

Pete Loveridge - Director of Commercial Services

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