Clinical Control Services and Clinical Practice teams and Infrastructure (Property) interim roles and responsibilities

Veni Oliveros |

Communications centreFrom Monday 19 March we will be making some interim management changes to help us develop the strategic plans for our long term property options for Clinical Control Services (CCS).

Adrian Haigh, Assistant Director of Operations - Clinical Control Services, will move to the Infrastructure team with a specific focus on addressing the overall property-related challenges to ensure continued CCS resilience. I thank Adrian for agreeing to take on this work.

Adrian will report to Dave Thomas, Director of Infrastructure, and Chrissie Cope, Service Change Manager has also been seconded to the Infrastructure team to support the project, due to her experience in the recent Justice & Emergency Services Precinct project.

We will be making the following back-fill changes to cover Adrian’s duties during his secondment:

  • Dan Ohs, Assistant Director of Operations – Clinical Practice, will look after both the Clinical team and CCS. This is a role that Dan has performed successfully in the past.

  • To support Dan in this role, Doug Gallagher, District Operations Manager for Auckland, will undertake the role of Head of Clinical Control Services, an interim role for three months based in Auckland. (Auckland DOM cover arrangements will be finalised shortly).

  • To support the Clinical team, Johnny Mulheron, Clinical Practice Manager (Central Region), will pick up the role of Head of Clinical Practice reporting to Dan while Dan provides the ADO cover across both the Clinical and CCS teams.

I would like to thank everyone, particularly Dan, Doug and Johnny, for their flexibility and support of this interim arrangement.

If you have any questions about this please let me know.

Norma Lane - Director of Clinical Operations

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