Family Violence Support Policy

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Family violence

A new policy has been developed to support staff experiencing family violence. This policy will be uploaded to the Hub this week, but we wanted to make sure all people managers were given advance notice in case of any questions.

New Zealand has the highest reported rate of family violence in the developed world; one in three people in New Zealand will experience family violence in their lifetime. The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse report says many victims of family violence are in paid employment and that “staying in employment is particularly important for victims as it provides financial security and a way to escape from the relationship.” From an economic perspective, by better supporting victims of violence, St John can reduce the costs and risks associated with absenteeism, lower productivity and poor performance. More importantly, it is in line with our organisational values and it is the right thing to do.

Our new Family Violence Support Policy has been developed with the expertise of the Women’s Refuge to provide ‘best practice’ support to our people. Last week we held a training session in Auckland, facilitated by the Women’s Refuge to train the first cohort of Family Violence Support People (FVSP). This group was made up of peer supporters, contact people, HS&W advisors, HR advisors and myself. We will hold further training for equivalent roles in the South Island soon. The list of FVSP will be on the Hub shortly.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Cat Valentine - Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Lead

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