Experiencing a major natural disaster like this can have unexpected effects on our emotional state. There are a great many resources around to help you, some of which are profiled here. You may notice that some information and advice is repeated, because we wanted to ensure that there is 'something for everybody' whether you like to 'do the details' or 'stick with summaries'.

Member Assistance Programme (MAP)

Remember that you always have free and confidential access to MAP Services to talk things through if need be. As a member of St John you are entitled to a number of free face-to-face meetings with the MAP team, contact them on 0800 284 678 or www.insteplimited.com.

Spiritual support / pastoral care: St John Chaplains

St John understands that some people may seek spiritual solace during challenging times. Our chaplaincy team is available for those who would like to talk – simply contact them directly to arrange a meeting. 

Click here to see the list of Chaplains.

Of course, all other religions and faiths are supported throughout St John and we would encourage you to speak with your team leader, manager or team members about any special assistance that you would like. 

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