Leading a team through a major incident or crisis can be especially challenging, particularly if you have also been impacted personally.   


For some members of your team who were originally impacted, things may have improved – while for others who were not initially affected, circumstances may have changed.


The most important thing to do over the coming months is to talk to everybody on a regular basis – to find out how they are doing.  Here are some ideas;


  • Organise a morning tea
  • Allow time for informal discussions 
  • Remind people to take breaks, eat well and look after themselves
  • Ask what you can do to help 
  • Encourage people to explore the resources on this website


If you have any concerns about somebody in your team please contact a member of Human Resources for further advice, or consider using the MAP or Peer Support network to provide support for them.

Remember that our commitment is to ensure that people are as fully resourced as possible to resolve their own challenges, hence we have created this resource site - but remember that St John also has boundaries of care. 


As an example, where an external or third party organisation is responsible for resolving an issue (e.g. insurance company, EQC) we should allow that third party’s process to progress as far as possible without any St John intervention. 


Encourage your team members to use the tools and resources on this site and commit to supporting them by catching up regularly to check their progress.

  • Ministry of Health : Common reactions to disaster – what to be mindful of with your team - click here
  • Ministry of Health : Helping somebody who has been traumatized - click here
  • Instep helps to create personal support strategies for all of our members who are facing anxiety, stress, pressure or any other circumstance that is resulting in emotional or physical distress.  They can also help you to prepare for a discussion with any affected member of your team.Visit the website (www.insteplimited.com) or phone 0800 284 678
  • The Ministry of Education has some tips on how to support children's wellbeing - click here.


HR policies to support you

Click here to visit the Human Resources site on the Hub

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