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Every day our ambulance officers are called to life-or-death medical emergencies in neighbourhoods like yours.

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“They had to shock me six times before my heart started beating again – they just wouldn’t give up. I’d be dead without St John.”

Jo was fast asleep when early one morning she had a cardiac arrest. Her little boy Lachie found her and then alerted her husband who immediately called 1-1-1. 

Minutes later paramedics arrived on the scene and for 20 excruciating minutes, Jo's husband Andy watched as paramedics worked to save Jo's life. 

Thanks to the work of quick thinking paramedics and the generous support of donors, Jo received the help she needed and made a full recovery.

"All of us will need them at some stage, whether it be for ourselves, or a family member."

Jo, mum of two, whose heart stopped beating for 20 minutes.