My trip to the hospital in the ambulance was painful but also I felt at ease knowing that I was being helped and that if anything went wrong, then I was in good hands. 
The guy in the ambulance had a good sense of humour and was full of laughs making the trip go by smoother. I am very happy with the service provided and I am seriously thinking about giving back by becoming a paramedic as well.

I have gall stones and have quite bad 'attacks' at random times. This particular attack started at 5am and by 6am I was hyperventilating due to the pain I was in. My partner freaked out and rung an ambulance. I have had these attacks before but the hospital suspected it was clots in the lung. 

We didn't have enough gas in our car to go to the hospital and make it home as well and also we had a 3 week old and a 1 year old (at the time) my partner had to drive to Cambridge to drop the 1 year old off at my sister's and grab gas money off her. 

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