Mark Richardson

Host, Crowd Goes Wild

"When you're new parents you tend to think every time your child cries there’s something wrong. Combine that with a bit of a fever, then clearly your child has meningitis…dial 111…and call for an ambulance!

My wife and I, I'll admit, may have been a couple of the more cautious and worrisome new parents and did the above three times...

Each time St John arrived quickly and, in a very dignified and professional manner, paid respect to our natural concerns…They quickly mMark Richardson - host of The Crowd Goes Wildade us feel like our child was in excellent care and because there was a higher than acceptable temperature took us all in to Starship.

Starship obviously put us at ease by doing the checks and suggesting to us that our child was crying and a bit hot because it either had a cold or just didn’t like us….

Regardless, in our kids' early years we all got a ride in an ambulance with some really nice first aid a result I'd imagine if something really bad does happen, I will feel a lot better knowing this service is out there ready to respond."

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