ASB and St John

 ASB and St John have been working together since 2008. The partnership helps to expand support for St John services and deliver important programmes like CPR training on a wide scale. At the same time, the partnership gives ASB the opportunity to strengthen connections with local communities and give their employees the opportunity to get involved with community services by volunteering for St John.

Both ASB and St John have been in New Zealand for over 125 years and this heritage means the two organisations are well-positioned to work together for local communities.

Both ASB and St John have been in New Zealand for over 125 years and this heritage means the two organisations are well-positioned to work together for local communities.

About ASB

Established in 1847, ASB is a full service bank with 144 branches nationwide and a programme to expand its presence across New Zealand over coming years. ASB provides seamless banking and financial services, combined with a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the needs of its almost 1.2 million individual, business and rural customers.

Always the innovator, ASB continues to lead the pack in the era of new media, being the first bank in Australasia to introduce a Virtual Branch on Facebook where anyone – whether an ASB customer or not – can engage with customer service specialists.

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About the partnership

The partnership between St John and ASB was launched on 18 June 2008 for a three-year period and was recently renewed for a further five years. The cornerstone of the partnership is: ASB and St John – working together to build caring communities.

What has the ASB and St John partnership achieved?

Together, St John and ASB are building a base of community programmes that encourage greater community involvement in first aid and supporting St John. Local ASB branches also work with St John people and Area Committees to raise funds in their local community.

The partnership was launched with ASB providing the opportunity for 1,000 school children at 10 schools to learn the lifesaving resuscitation skill CPR for free.

So far, the partnership has:

  • Given a further 10,000 New Zealanders the opportunity to learn CPR for free
  • Enabled 3,500 ASB staff to receive CPR training with St John
  • Provided CPR training and first aid kits to ASB staff and customers
  • Funded and placed Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in larger ASB branches and other public areas where large crowds gather
  • Gifted CPR training for more than 100 schools nationwide - targeting teachers, parents, caregivers and sports coaches
  • Encouraged ASB staff to volunteer as Caring Callers, Area Committee members and Events administrators
  • Provided significant public exposure for St John in ASB branches, on the ASB website and in television, radio and newspaper advertising
  • Given thousands of St John first aid kits to ASB customers
  • Increased fundraising income for St John through ASB staff fundraising initiatives and ASB term deposit campaigns
  • Increased the publicity reach of St John Week through nationwide media campaigns
  • Encouraged knowledge sharing between the organisations, particularly in relation to HR, ICT, customer relationship management and payroll systems

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