The Star City 2 Surf

The Star City 2 Surf

Who says earthquakes can keep good teams down?

Over 70 St John and ASB members took part in the recent The Star City 2 Surf in Christchurch.  Several thousand people completed the new course, which worked its way along the Heathcote River through Cashmere and Opawa to Ferrymead Heritage Park.

The Star City 2 Surf was cancelled in 2011 following the February earthquake, so there was a real desire in Christchurch for the event to go ahead this year.  St John and ASB team members took part in all aspects of the event, including the 6km run/walk and the 14 km run/walk.  There was a big range of ages, including lots of kids.

At the finish line, team members were treated to a barbeque and somewhere to sit – much needed by some people!  And there were prizes! 

St John won the overall fastest team trophy, ASB won fastest female participant and St John won fastest male participant.

There was a real sense of achievement from everyone.  It was great to be out and about again in Christchurch.  Many thanks to Brendan, Sarah, Steve and Liv from St John and Brendon from ASB for all their hard work in putting together the day for everyone.

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