Lee Short


Lee joined the Priory Chapter as an appointed member/director  in June 2018, and during this period he also served on the Priory Trust Board for a 7 year term, stepping down in June 2018 due to the St John rotation policy. He has also stepped down as a member of the Northern Regional Trust Board in June 2020 after completing 11 years again due to rotation. Lee has and continues to serve on a variety of committees in each of the various roles over the relevant timer period.


In addition to his contribution to St John, Lee is also an Owner/ Director of Hydraulink Fluid Connectors, purchased in 1989 with a partner. Hydraulink operates a distribution/ franchise network throughout New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. Hydraulink provides a 24/7 breakdown repair service for hydraulic hoses and fittings, and to Original Equipment Manufacturers new hose assemblies. Hydraulink also provides onsite container workshops for hydraulic hose repair at large mining sites throughout Australia, New Zealand.

Lee is married to Susan and has three adult Children and a grandson. He is active in small block farming, and enjoys running and sailing.

Lee Short
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