AED accessories - effective 21 January 2019. Prices may be subject to change without notice.

To order an accessory contact us on 0800 FIRST AID (0800 347 782) Monday - Sunday 7am - 7pm or email 



Retail price 

(excl GST) 



Battery for HeartStart HS1 and FRx


Pads and accessories 


Adult Smart pads for HS1



Infant/child Smart pads for HS1 $169.00 


Smart pads for FRx $99.00 
989803139311 Child/infant key for FRx $195.00 


HeartStart kit barrier, wipes and gloves


 Cases and brackets  
 989803170891  Wall mount bracket for HS1 or FRx  $150.00 
 YC  Waterproof shell carry case for HS1 or FRx  $395.00 
 989803136531  Heartstart wall box for HS1 or FRx  $399.00 
STJ941380 Outdoor AED cabinet with lock & alarm $390.40
AED training accessories
M5088A HS internal manikin adaptor $87.00 
M5089A  Silver external manikin adapter-5 pack $115.00 
M5073A Adult training pads for HS1 (with case) $155.00 
989803139271 Training pads for FRx $155.00 
M5074A Infant/child training pads for HS1 $204.00 
M5093A Replacement adult training pads for HS1 (no case) $84.00 
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