Tony Kissick ASB Rural Manager

Tony Kissick ASB Rural Manager

If ASB Rural Manager Tony Kissick came across one of his rural customers immediately after they’d been attacked by a bull or had a stroke, he’d know exactly what to do. 

“It would be so easy to rush in. But I now know how to assess the situation first, then what I can do to increase a person’s chances of surviving.”

Along with 17 of his agribusiness clients, Tony recently attended an ASB First Aid on Farms workshop, a purpose-built first aid course that focuses on the medical emergencies that happen in the rural sector.

“At ASB we thought providing first aid courses would really benefit rural communities. Knowledge of basic first aid skills could help farming people if they had an accident or could even save someone’s life.

Rural communities are often a long way from medical help, so knowing first aid can be really important. It’s a generational thing as well. If younger people on farms are trained and get their first aid skills, they can look after the older farm folk, stabilising the situation until the ambulance arrives.”

The half-day workshops are held on local farms and cover assessing a patient, CPR, bleeding, sprains, breaks, poisoning and burns. Tony says the response from agribusiness customers has been “really positive”.

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