Joy next to a newly installed defibrillator

Joy next to a newly installed defibrillator

Joy Galloway has been helping Morrinsville become a HEARTsafe town through her volunteer work for St John. She attends St John Area Committee meetings every month and Heartsafe Committee meetings every fortnight.

“Our goal is to make Morrinsville a HEARTsafe town, which means that if someone has a cardiac arrest on the street, there will be people and equipment to provide the right sort of help, quickly. Already our fundraising has bought two defibrillators – one is kept at the ASB and the other is at New World supermarket.”

The Morrinsville HEARTsafe Committee has also encouraged a local retirement village to purchase a defibrillator. The residents of the village did their own fundraising, plus they learned how to correctly use the device that’s now installed in a common area at the village.

Joy estimates that at least 100 Morrinsville residents have already received AED training through the HEARTsafe initiative, and about 30 have had CPR training. To help the town reach the required HEARTbeat points target, other community organisations – such as Rotary and Girl Guides – are being encouraged to join in.

“In Morrinsville, everyone knows everybody. We like to help each other out, so it’s not hard to get people to do training for HEARTsafe and volunteer work for St John. We always get great support when we need helpers for local events”.

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