Quick backseat delivery for baby girl

Quick backseat delivery for baby girl

Sarah Pellett gave birth to her daughter Indie in the back seat of the family car, aided by husband Ryan and St John emergency medical dispatcher Nick Hancock, who provided instructions over the phone. A year later, the Pelletts met Nick for the first time and Sarah recalled the quick delivery.

''As we got to the intersection of Greenlane and Manukau Rd, I yelled out to Ryan 'my waters just broke - she's coming' and my husband said to me 'can you hold on?' I said 'no'.''

Sarah had been hoping for a straightforward birth after a three-day labour with her previous child, but she wasn’t expecting anything quite this quick. Her husband parked their car on King Edward Ave and called 111.

''I was in the front seat and I had to get into the back seat. The most important thing was that my back was flat.''

She says her husband panicked at first, but soon calmed down once he was on the phone to Nick.

''It was a much easier birth. I knew that Ryan could see the head and he told me to push. Once I did that it was all over pretty quickly. After that I was cracking up laughing. I thought: 'My labour's over - this is awesome'.''

Sarah says her husband called for help at 9.27am and Indie was born at 9.33am. She was impressed by the way St John staff assessed the situation once the ambulance arrived.

''They didn't rush in and take over - they could see we were all right. They let my husband cut the umbilical cord. Eventually they took my daughter and made sure she was OK. We were stoked that Ryan delivered her. It's a cool story that we will always be able to tell her.''

Ryan Pellett says he was a bit panicky at first but then coped well with the birth.

''I thought 'I can't believe we are one of those couples who give birth on the side of the road'. It was really special. If you could pick your birth, I'd go that way again if I knew it was going to be safe.''

Nick Hancock has helped with about five births in the past three years.

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