Kate, little Jamie Lee Kerr and Lester Toms

Kate, little Jamie Lee Kerr and Lester Toms

Jamie-Lee Kerr is a shining example of how a young girl can remain calm and focused during a medical emergency.

Jamie-Lee was playing at home with a friend when she heard a loud thump. Running into the next room, Jamie-Lee discovered her father on the floor, hurt and in need of medical attention.

She quickly dialled 111 and asked for an ambulance. SouthComm Dispatcher Matthew Richardson says Jamie-Lee did a great job, staying calm and giving him all the information that was needed.

Jamie-Lee has been a student in a St John Safe Kids class and her parents have also been careful to ensure she knows how to dial 111. Because of this she was able to deal with her father's sitution extremely well.

Safe Kids tutor Belinda McMillan is delighted that such valuable lessons can result in a young girl being able to act in a very mature way.

"It is such a thrill to hear how Jamie-Lee has handled herself during a really difficult situation," says Belinda.

"It can be incredibly scary for a young child to have to ring 111 and ask for an ambulance and she has done a wonderful job."

Lester Toms and Kate Little were the two ambulance officers who attended the incident. They were greeted by Jamie-Lee's friend (dressed in a fairy costume!) at the front of the property and were promptly taken inside to treat Jamie-Lee's father, Andy.

Andy is a diabetic and had collapsed. Thankfully he was not seriously ill and was able to be treated at home by Kate and Lester before being taken to the local medical centre in Alexandra.
As a result of Jamie-Lee's quick actions, Andy has not suffered too badly and was back at home a few hours later.

Jamie-Lee's mother was at work at the time but rushed home when she was contacted.
"We've spent quite a bit of time telling Jamie-Lee about dialling 111 in an emergency and we're really proud of how she reacted to this real life situation."

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