Call 111 and ask for "ambulance" when there is a medical emergency

What is a medical emergency?

  • chest pain or tightness (may also be felt in arm, jaw, neck or upper abdomen (tummy))
  • difficulty breathing
  • choking
  • sudden weakness or difficulty talking (this may be a stroke)
  • fainting or unconsciousness (not being awake)
  • severe pain
  • severe bleeding or bleeding that won’t stop

Our advice is: 

  • If it is an emergency - call 111 and ask for “ambulance”
  • If it is not an emergency - see your GP or an after-hours GP
  • If you’re not sure - phone Healthline on 0800 611 116  where Registered Nurses will advise you on the assistance you should seek – including whether you need an ambulance or to go to your GP

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