医疗报警器帮助能老年人和残疾人更长久地享受他们的独立生活,同时也为其家人和朋友提供了安心与放心的保障。St John是新西兰领先的医疗报警器提供者。St John提供的医疗报警器是唯一可以直接联通St John救护队的医疗报警器,也是医生们最常推荐的报警器。选择使用St John医疗报警器,既是对St John救护工作的支持,也是对其他重要的社区其服务的支持。






Medical alarms help seniors and people with disabilities to continue enjoying their independence for longer. They also provide reassurance for families and friends. St John is New Zealand’s leading medical alarm provider. Ours are the only medical alarms monitored directly by St John and are the medical alarms recommended most often by GPs. Choosing a St John Medical Alarm helps to support St John Ambulance and other essential community services.





Call our St John Medical Alarms line on 0800 50 23 23 to talk to someone in English (or 0800 50 23 26 to speak to someone in Mandarin) for more information or complete the below enquiry form.

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