The Order of St John is one of the oldest service organisations in the world, dating back to the crusades. Read about the amazing history of St John, including our history in New Zealand.

St John in New Zealand

Back in 1885, a cleric and a doctor held a community meeting to initiate the establishment of St John in New Zealand. Medical services were scant in the new colony, the labouring workforce was susceptible to serious injury and first aid knowledge was mostly based on old wives' tales.
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The Order of St John

The Order of St John dates back nearly a thousand years to about 1070  when a hospice – a place of care – was established in Jerusalem by monks to care for the growing number of Christians making the long and dangerous pilgrimage to the holy city.
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The Amalfi Cross

The St John logo incorporates the Amalfi Cross, a symbol with four arms and eight points. Every part of the cross has a meaning linked to four cardinal virtues and the eight qualities of an effective first aider.
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The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group     

The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group provides expert eye care to people in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. To keep providing sight-saving surgeries, the hospital urgently needs your support.  

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Our archives – located in Auckland and Christchurch – record and showcase the proud history of St John in New Zealand.
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