Please read below for an explanation of our ambulance charges:

1. For emergencies and accidents

Do I need to pay for this ambulance?

  • Yes: If you’re treated by an ambulance officer and/or transported in an ambulance because of a medical emergency, there is a part charge you have to pay – even if someone else calls the ambulance for you.
  • No: If you have an accident related injury, that is covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) for ambulance transport within 24 hours of the injury and if the injury meets ACC criteria.
  • Yes: If you have an accident related injury that is more than 24 hours old or injuries that do not meet ACC criteria, you need to pay the part charge.

Why do I need to pay a part charge?

Our Ambulance Services are not fully Government funded. Contracts with the Ministry of Health, ACC and District Health Boards (DHBs) fund just under 80% of our Ambulance Service direct operating costs. The shortfall is made up from:

  • payment of part charges
  • community donations, fundraising and revenue from our
  • commercial activities.

We are a charity and we rely on financial and voluntary support to help fund the services we provide to your community.

Ambulance part charges are a necessary and important contribution to help us continue all that we do.

How much do I pay? 

Charges across the country (GST inclusive)*: $88.00

*St John does not provide emergency ambulance services in Wellington or the Wairarapa.

Do I pay a part charge if I am from overseas?

  • Yes: If you are from the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau.
  • Yes: If you are a work visa holder eligible to be in NZ for two years or more.
  • Yes: If you are a UK citizen normally living in the UK and visiting NZ.

Please check for full details.

What if my situation doesn’t match one of those options?

If your situation does not match any of the options listed above you’re not eligible for NZ publicly funded health services and so need to pay. A higher charge for treatments and/or transport.

Charge for non-eligible visitors (GST inclusive):


How do I pay?

We will post you an invoice and details of how you can pay it.

* Please note: charges are correct as of 1 April 2014 and may be subject to increase.

Please see the Ministry of Health website or the ACC website for further information.

2. For non-emergencies (private hire) – where you book and use an ambulance

There is a charge for the following non-emergency (private hire) ambulance transports:

  • to or from a private address (including rest homes)
  • to or from a hospital (if not hospital authorised)
  • discharge from hospital.

These transports are not covered by Government funding and incur a full charge. How much you are charged is based on the kilometres travelled.

NB On 1 January 2014 private hire charges increased.
As part of these updates, St John has introduced a discounted rate for charitable trusts providing palliative care (i.e. hospices) of 50%.

Charges (GST inclusive):

Distance travelled


35 kms or less


36 – 100 kms

$5.66 per km

101 – 400 kms

$6.21 per km

Over 400 kms

$7.52 per km

Non-eligible visitors – flat charge


Charitable trusts promising palliative care (i.e. Hospices) will be charged at 50%.


3. Hospital transfers

The cost of ambulance transfers between hospitals - where the DHB has ordered the transfer - will be covered by the DHB. For all other ambulance transports (including discharge from hospital) there will be a private hire charge for you to pay (see above).

View the ambulance part charges brochure

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