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Hato Hone St John & the need for regular support

Hato Hone St John is extremely grateful for the continued generosity of the general public in meeting the rising demand for its frontline service.

Hato Hone St John regular givers, members of Team Green, play an especially important role in meeting this critical need.

Thank you to all Team Green members - your backup provides us with the support that we need to save lives!

Join the team today.  

We work with a small number of trusted partners to keep you informed of the work we do and to help us deliver a wide range of services in communities across the country. If you receive a call, email or SMS claiming to be from us but you’re not sure if it’s genuine, please call us on 0800 ST JOHN (0800 785 646) or [email us] at teamgreen@stjohn.org.nz and we’ll look into it for you.


Why does St John do face to face fundraising?

Face to face fundraising is one of the most cost effective ways that charities like Hato Hone St John can gain substantial support for important funding needs.

Our Hato Hone St John face to face fundraisers are a committed group of people passionate about Hato Hone St John. Every day they speak to New Zealanders about the important role the public plays in supporting Hato Hone St John frontline services.

Hato Hone St John has partnered with a leading face to face fundraising agency, Cornucopia. This partnership plays an important role in helping Hato Hone St John meet the rising demand for frontline services.

How can I identify a St John fundraiser?

Authorised Hato Hone St John Team Green fundraisers will:

  • Be wearing a black polo shirt with Team Green badges on the sleeves and/or a black winter jacket with Hato Hone St John branding 
  • Display a Cornucopia ID card with their name, photo and Hato Hone St John contact information
  • Provide all new Team Green members with an Ambulance welcome card 
  • Never ask for, or accept, cash donations

Face to face fundraising Team

Some of our face-to-face fundraising team, from left to right: Charlie, Peter, Jonny, Ed and David.  

What information will I be asked to provide?

When you sign-up to Team Green you will be asked for:

  • Personal information such as a drivers licence to confirm your identity
  • Bank or credit card information to allow St John to set up your monthly commitment to Team Green

The security and privacy of this information is very important to St John. Once the above information is provided to us it is transmitted securely in compliance with industry standards.

How do I contact St John about a fundraiser?

If you have any questions about a fundraiser please don’t hesitate to contact us

To help us answer your query, we will ask you to provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • Date, time and location of where you spoke to the fundraiser
  • Name and ID number of the fundraiser or a description of the fundraiser
  • A full description of your experience with that fundraiser
Where are your fundraisers working?

Face-to-Face Fundraising

Our Face-to-face Fundraising campaign starts again on 01/07/24

We work closely with our fundraising agency, Cornucopia, and the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) to ensure best practice is followed. 

For any questions about our Face-to-Face fundraising activities, please email us at teamgreen@stjohn.org.nz 

How is face to face regulated?

St John is a member of the face to face fundraising regulatory body – the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA). The PFRA works with charities and service providers to ensure quality, integrity and transparency in face-to-face fundraising by creating an atmosphere of public confidence and regulatory satisfaction. For more information, please visit the PFRA website.

Who can I speak to about my regular donation?

For any questions about your regular donation to St John please email teamgreen@stjohn.org.nz or call 0800 ST JOHN

Useful links:

Direct Debit Agreement

Privacy Notice

How do my donations make a difference?

Hear from Cat & Lucas, our Ambulance Officers on how your donations help them make life-changing differences.

Your support will give our frontline heroes the backup that they need to continue saving lives.