To provide services across Aotearoa, we rely on funding from the government and donations from organisations, businesses and people just like you.

Ways we are funded 

Government contracts 

About 83% of our funding comes from contracts with The Ministry of Health and ACC, but 100% of this goes to just our emergency ambulance services. 

Fundraising and donations  

Donations, bequests, regular giving, ambulance memberships and part-charges all combine with our generous business supporters and sponsorships to help build strong, resilient NZ communities. The generosity of New Zealanders helps us deliver vital services. Thank you! 

Our own programmes 

We get additional funding from our first aid and mental health first aid training courses, and from the sale of medical alarmsIt all helps meet the high cost of running our services 

Costs and funding 

In the 2022/23 financial year, our total operating costs were around $489 millionIt’s a big challenge to meet those costs every year, and we’re very grateful to all our supporters and volunteers. 

Funding our other services 

While we’re best known for our ambulances, we offer many other services as well, including: 

and a range of youth services, first aid, mental health, and leadership training including; 



All these programmes are part of our ongoing commitment to health equity for all, and to improve health and wellbeing in communities all across Aotearoa. 

Your donation is important 

The generosity of New Zealanders and their support of our mahi is truly amazing. We couldn’t provide the services we do, without it. Thank you for helping us build stronger communities in New Zealand. 

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