The Waka Ora Health Shuttle is a koha (donation) based community service, delivered by volunteers, that transports people to health and wellbeing related appointments, and then brings them home again.

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Keeping our communities healthy 

For people who have regular medical appointments, their local Waka Ora Health Shuttle is a lifesaver. They can call and book a ride knowing that the reliable shuttle will get them there in plenty of time. 

Supporting independent living  

No need to miss essential appointments or ask friends and whanau to take time out of their day. Health shuttles are a great option if you don’t, or no longer, drive, if public transport or taxis aren’t available where you live, or you’d prefer not to rely on them. 

An easy way to get to your health appointments 

Depending on your location we can pick you up from your home or from a dedicated meeting point and take you to doctors visits, dental appointments, specialist appointments, day-surgery, or any other type of health and wellbeing appointment. 

Well-trained volunteers 

Friendly and fully trained Hato Hone St John volunteers pick you up and take you to where you need to go.  

Special transportation  

Some of our shuttles are fitted with hoists or wheelchair access, for clients with limited mobility. 

A koha is appreciated 

There’s no charge to use the Waka Ora Health Shuttle but we welcome and appreciate koha (donations). The service is funded by voluntary koha from people who use it, community contributions and the generosity of whanau who donate to us. 

Waka Ora Health Shuttles transport more than 10,000 people to 70,000 medical appointments every year. 



Is there a Waka Ora Health Shuttle service near me?

There are more than 50 services across Aotearoa. You can find a list of shuttle locations here.  

Are there plans for services in more areas?

Yes, we’re always trying to expand our services to help more New Zealanders. The service is delivered by local volunteers, so local support is key. 

How do I get a Health Shuttle to pick me up?

To make a booking, call our customer service centre on 0800 WAKA ORA (0800 9252 672). Please leave a message as your coordinator may be on another call but will get back to you as soon as they can. 

What times do they operate?

It depends on each community and how many volunteers are available. Most shuttle services run on weekdays. Contact your local Hato Hone St John team or call our customer service centre on 0800 WAKA ORA (0800 9252 672) for details. 

How far in advance do I have to book?

At least 24 hours in advance. 

If I have a regular appointment, can the Health Shuttle take me each time?

Yes, you can make a series of bookings in advance.  Please let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time. 

How do I know if the Health Shuttle service is right for me?

You can call our customer service centre on 0800 WAKA ORA (0800 9252 672) to find out if the service is available where you liveIf it is, you can contact your local Hato Hone St John team for information. They’ll ask what you need and advise whether the service is right for you. 

Who pays for the service?

Voluntary koha (donations) from people who use the service, and the generosity of people and organisations within the community who donate to Hato Hone St John. 

How can I support the Health Shuttle service?

A great way to help is to donate to the Health Shuttle programme. Your gift will help people with health or mobility problems get to medical appointments all over Aotearoa. 

How do I become a Health Shuttle volunteer?

Many of our clients rely on our Health Shuttles for transport, but it’s not only that. The regular connection with our friendly volunteers, and their reassuring companionship, is a real highlight.  

As a volunteer driver or assistant, you’ll: 

  • give back to your community 

  • support local people 

  • know that you’ve helped make your community healthier and happier 



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