The St John Health Shuttle is a koha based community service that transports people to health-related visits, and then brings them home again.

Jo lives with serious lung disease and needs to carry an oxygen tank. Her local
St John Health Shuttle service is a lifesaver. She can call up to book a ride to her
medical appointments and know that the reliable shuttle will pick her up in plenty
of time – and get her to where she needs to go.

Jo also enjoys the chance to interact with others who use the shuttle service, and
with wonderful volunteers, Health Shuttle volunteers like Sally, a retired schoolteacher.

Jo, health shuttle client with a St John health shuttle volunteer

The service is staffed by trained St John volunteers. It helps people get to their GP, dentist, specialist, or day surgery appointments.

Some shuttle vehicles are fitted with hoists to help passengers who have restricted mobility.

Like all St John community services, the Health Shuttle exists to keep individuals
and our communities as healthy as possible.

 Commonly asked questions about the Health Shuttle service:

Is there a Health Shuttle service near me?

There are over 50 services around New Zealand, and we’d like to run more of them in places where they are most needed. You can find a list of shuttles here.

What times do they operate?

It depends on what each community needs, and how many volunteers are
available. Most shuttle services run during weekdays, but some operate on
Saturday too.  Look up times here.

What do the volunteers do? 

Our volunteers transport people to and from health appointments in St John Health Shuttle vehicles. They might be people who live alone and no longer drive, people who are unwell, or people who can't access other transport. Many of our shuttles are double crewed, so volunteers can either be a driver or an assistant, or both. If you want to volunteer, join the friendly teams helping people get to their vital medical and health appointments.

How can I support the Health Shuttle service?

You can help these little buses make a mighty impact by donating. Your gift with help keep our reliable Health Shuttles on the road and more New Zealanders get to their medical appointments. Your kindness also helps support an incredible army of volunteers across the country.

Who pays for the service? 

Voluntary koha from clients, and the generosity of people and organisations in the community who donate to St John.  We receive funding from NationaTransport Assistance (NTA) for eligible clients, and we also transport for Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). Our fleet of over 80 vehicles is fueled, maintained and kept up to date from the generosity of our clients and the communities we serve.

Are there plans to run more Health Shuttle services?

We try to respond to the needs of each communityand yes we do have plans to run more health Shuttle services. As the services are delivered by local volunteers, local support is key to being able to help more New Zealanders via the Health Shuttle service. 

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