Make a much-appreciated regular donation to us through your payroll. Employees can donate from their pay, and employers can match it, if they choose.

Why donate to us through payroll giving? 

Payroll giving means we can rely on consistent income to fund our essential health and community services, like health shuttles, Therapy Pets, Hospital Friends, and ambulances.  

We are only partly government funded, so support is always needed. Generous people like you are the reason we can keep serving the community. By giving to us, you’re helping us to save lives. 


Payroll giving for employers 

Do you file your IR348 (Employment Information) online? 

If so, your employees can choose to donate from their salary. They’ll just need to select us as their chosen charity.  

All you need to do is follow the instructions on the IRD website to set up payroll giving for your employees. 

Once that’s done your employees, including future employees, can choose to donate to us directly from their pay, so make sure you let them know. Thank you! 

Set Up Payroll Giving 

Why choose us as your charity 

  • You’ll be supporting us to make life-changing differences with your local community 

  • Brings the spirit of giving to your company culture and ‘feel good’ factor that comes from giving 

  • Strengthening customer loyalty to your brand through association with the New Zealand’s most trusted charity 

  • Fulfilment of your company’s vision and values – social responsibility is part of becoming a more sustainable business. 


Payroll giving for employees 

If you choose to have your donation taken directly from your pay, you’ll get 33.33 cents back per dollar as tax rebate. This means if you donated $15, you’d have only $10 taken out of your pay. 

Your regular donation plays a vital role in helping us to provide ongoing support across Aotearoa, and locally in your community.  

How to sign up 

Tell your employer that you’d like to begin donating to us from your pay, and if they’re registered with us, they’ll be able to set that up for you. If your workplace isn’t signed up for payroll giving, you can get the ball rolling by referring your employer to the information on this page. 

Information employers will need to register:

  • Our legal name: The Priory in New Zealand of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem  
  • Our normal operating name: St John  
  • Charities commission number: CC35255  
  • IRD Donee number: 10-571-065 
  • Our bank account number: 12 3244 0023915 00  
  • Our bank/branch: ASB Bank Ltd, Auckland Corporate Banking




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