Hato Hone St John is New Zealand’s leading provider of first aid courses. Years of experience, a dedicated team of knowledgeable people and proven teaching systems make our courses engaging and highly effective.

The links below will be helpful if you’re thinking of booking a St John first aid course, or you’re already booked and want to be suitably prepared.

Qualified instructors take our First Aid courses.

Why choose Hato Hone St John?
St John first aid courses deliver an enjoyable, up-to-date learning experience. We’re motivated by service to the community, not by profit.
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Course locations
Hato Hone St John has locations throughout New Zealand.
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Attendees’ information
Find out about certificates, unit standards, assessment, sensitive course material, physical requirements and more.
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First aid compliance in New Zealand
As a responsible employer, it’s important to ensure the safety of your employees when there’s an accident or emergency.
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Code of Practice for Pastoral Care
We abide by NZQA’s Code of Pastoral Care, to ensure that you’re protected, respected and supported when you train with us. You can find out more by visiting NZQA’s website:
NZQA and the Code

First aid students who have saved lives
Once you know what to do in an emergency situation, you can become the difference between life and death.
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First aid course FAQs
Answers to the first aid course questions that people ask us most often.  
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