Find essential information for healthcare professionals on how to access patient records, order medical alarms and ambulance transfers, follow clinical guidelines and pathways, upskilling, and more.

In a medical emergency, doctors or nurses working in medical clinics or aged care should call 0800 262 665.

 A clinician will answer your call, to ensure the most appropriate response for the patient. 


Non-urgent, low acuity hospital transfers

Patient smiling at paramedicCall us on 0800 262 665. Staff at selected hospitals can also request specialised ambulance transfers online.

Patient is stable but has no self-transport 

We offer a community Health Shuttle service run by volunteers, to assist people getting to and from medical appointments. We also offer private ambulance hire.

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Access a patient’s records - ACS and EPRF

When we attend to a patient, we capture all clinical information in our Electronic Patient Report Form (ePRF). This system creates an Ambulance Care Summary to make it easier for healthcare staff to access patient records – whether they’re transferred to hospital or not.

Patients can also access their own ACS if they like. A paper ACS sheet may be issued to a patient if they are not transferred to hospital; this sheet will assist in accessing the full electronic ACS.

Here’s how to access patient records, depending on your role:

Refer your patient for a medical alarm

Medical alarm expert showing how to use a medical alarm

Offer your vulnerable patients the confidence they need to stay independent and safe at home. It’s simple to refer and is the only mobile alarm that connects directly to us. 


Upskill or refresh your first aid skills

First aid training sessionOur world-class first aid training options for healthcare professionals cover various levels of resuscitation and vaccination courses, and more. 


Keep up to date  

Access the reports we create from ambulance callouts and patient data.


Could you assist in rural areas?

Hato Hone St John Sante Fe in rural areasThe PRIME service sees GPs and RN’s working alongside us.


Extended Care Paramedics

Paramedic approaching house with backpackHow we support primary healthcare in your community.



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