When we’re called out, we complete an Electronic Patient Report Form (ePRF) which is summarised in an Ambulance Care Summary (ACS) to make sharing information with medical professionals easier.

The ePRF system holds a lot of information that is usually only of interest to us, such as the names of ambulance staff and vehicle details. Therefore we create ACS containing only the medically relevant information, which can be easily accessed by healthcare professionals and the patient.

If one of your patients is assessed and treated in the community by us, we’ll send you the ACS to keep you informed of their situation and treatment, unless: 

  • The patient has asked us not to

  • The patient was transferred to a healthcare facility such as a hospital, in which case, the facility will advise you.

Two ways you could recieve a record of ambulance attendance

  1. Ambulance Care Summary (ACS). This electronic summary will be sent through HealthLink and will appear in your PMS inbox.

  2. Ambulance Care Summary Sheet (ACSS). This is a paper form that will be brought in by the patient.

What you’ll see in a care summary: 

  • An NHI number for easy filing 

  • The history that was taken by the paramedics 

  • A summary of the patient’s clinical problem 

  • The treatment administered 

  • Recommendations provided to the patient.

You’ll also receive an ACS for a deceased patient. 

To access an ACS you’ll need the ACS Access Code from the HealthLink message and the patient’s date of birth. This code will also be on the paper ACSS which will be in the care of the patient.

Hospitals/Secondary care – Access your patient’s records 

You can access your patient’s information quickly and easily when they’ve been seen by our ambulance service and transferred to your hospital. 


Collecting personal information about patients 

Learn about what personal and health information we collect from patients, and how it’s used. 



I’ve received an ACS for someone who is not my patient.

If you received an ACS for someone who is not your patient, it may be because: 

  • An incorrect NHI number was recorded 

  • The National Enrolment System may not have picked up a recent change in enrolment. 

If you believe you’ve received an ACS in error, please delete the message and let us know.

Why haven’t I received an ACS?

If you haven’t received an ACS it may be because: 

  • The patient was transported 

  • The patient is not enrolled with a PHO 

  • The patient has only recently enrolled with your PHO and the National Enrolment System may not have updated yet 

  • The patient has asked us not to share their ACS 

  • A paper record was used and will be available on request. 

I’d like to speak to someone

If you need any assistance, please contact our Referrals Coordinator by email or by phoning 0800 ST JOHN (0800 473 876).

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