Keeping your personal information safe and secure

When you use our ambulance service, we collect personal and health information about you and use it to provide you with better care.

Find out more about how we use your personal information and everything we do to protect your privacy.


Why your Ambulance Officer collects information

When an Ambulance Officer sees or treats you, you may notice them typing on a tablet computer. They’re using the ePRF (electronic Patient Report Form) system to record what they’re doing.  

The ePRF system helps to provide you with better care because, if we've seen you before, we can access details of any previous callouts. This could mean the difference between you having to go to hospital or being able to stay at home. 

Having your information in electronic form also means that if we do have to take you to a hospital or medical centre, we can speed up your handover and get them looking after you sooner. We can even let a hospital know electronically that you're on the way, so they can prepare for your arrival.


What is an Ambulance Care Summary (ACS)?

The ePRF system holds a lot of information that is usually only of interest to us, such as the names of ambulance staff and vehicle details. Therefore we create ACS containing only the medically relevant information, which can be easily accessed by healthcare professionals and patients.

What is a paper ACS Sheet?

If an Ambulance Officer comes to check on you but we don't need to take you anywhere, then the Ambulance Officer may give you a paper "Ambulance Care Summary Advice Sheet" (ACS sheet, or ACSS). 

This records the Ambulance Officer's advice to you and tells you how to access the full Ambulance Care Summary (ACS) online. You, your GP, or anyone else you trust, can access your ACS online at, using the 10-character code from your paper ACS sheet. You can access the electronic record this way for up to one week.  

If you have any problems or need more help accessing your information, please contact us.


Who sees the health information we collect

The information is kept in our secure ePRF system and shared with medical professionals involved with your care. It could be shared with the hospital you’re taken to, or made available for your GP to view in case you need to have a follow-up appointment with them. 

We also use the information we’ve collected to help us train our staff and improve our performance – all your personal details are removed first though. 

See a full list of the ways we may use your personal and health information:


How to access your health information

You can ask to see, and correct, your personal information and/or health information by emailing the our Privacy Officer.

More details about collecting information  

Our Privacy Notice has more information on what personal or health information about you is collected, when, and what it’s used for.


GPs/Primary Care – Access your patient’s records 

Find information Hato Hone St John has collected on your patient if you’re a GP or practice nurse:

Hospitals/Secondary care – Access your patient’s records 

You can access your patient’s information quickly and easily when they’ve been seen by our ambulance service and transferred to your hospital.


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