Try out our Medical Alarm for free from the comfort of your own home.

Our free trials are a great way to see if a medical alarm is going to work for you and your family, with absolutely no obligation to buy after that.

Medical Alarm rep visiting a patientSimply contact us to arrange a free in-home demonstration with one of our helpful, trained team members. Rest assured this is not to sell you an alarm, it's simply to assess your needs to get the right alarm for your situation and show you how they work.

Our team will take you through:

  1. How the alarm service works
  2. How to call for help
  3. Initiating the alarm for your free trial
  4. Ongoing financial assistance if relevant

Your free trial starts at that point, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the alarm, at no cost.

Book in a demonstration and free trial now

Simply fill in an enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch to arrange an appointment that suits you.


What happens after the free trial period?

If you decide after the trial that the alarm is not right for you, we'll take it back, no questions asked and you won't pay a cent, even if you've used it during the trial to summon emergency help*.

* Please see the full terms and conditions.

Medical Alarm free trial terms and conditions

The client is entitled to a free trial period with their St John Medical Alarm service.

Service extent during free trial period

For the duration of the free trial period, the client receives the full entitlement of a paying client including provision of emergency ambulance services at no cost if needed.

If client cancels during free trial period

If the client cancels their St John Medical Alarm during the free trial period, Hato Hone St John will remove the alarm unit, transmitter and other peripherals (if any) at no cost to the client, and no amount will be payable to Hato Hone St John on account of the cancellation.

Exclusions to the free trial period

The free trial period is available to persons residing in New Zealand only. The purpose of the trial is to allow people to try a St John Medical Alarm before committing to pay for the service. There is a limit of one free trial period per person.

Continuation of service after free trial period

On continuation of service beyond the free trial period, the client acknowledges that Hato Hone St John will commence charging for the service. Full terms and conditions of our service can be found here.

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