How to contact St John media relations team members.

The best way to keep up to date on incidents St John has attended is by following our Media Alerts twitter account. Our 111 Clinical Control Centres in Auckland and Christchurch post information on the incidents we attend at @StJohnAlerts.

For St John regional information Monday - Friday, please contact:

Northern Region
Jennifer Porter
Phone: 027 290 9764

Central Region
Noel Gleeson
Phone: 027 559 2655

South Island Region
Ian Henderson
Phone: 03 353 7110 ext 3222 or 027 436 2528

Urgent weekend media enquiries:
St John media pager
Phone: 026 2401 298

For St John national information Monday - Friday, please contact:

Acting Head of Communications
Victoria Hawkins
Phone: 021 605 342

Media and Public Relations Advisor
Noreen Hegarty 
Phone: 027 809 2058

National Communications Advisor
Robbie Walker 
Phone: 027 541 5167

To view our press gallery please click here.

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