I called 111 – why wasn’t an ambulance sent?

When you call 111 we will work quickly to assess your situation and provide the care you need at that time. In urgent cases the right care often means sending an ambulance to help you, while at other times it means we’ll assist you in a different way, with or without taking you to hospital.

Why was there a delay sending an ambulance?

Sometimes there may be a delay, if local ambulance resources are helping other people, or if the ambulance is travelling a long distance or in heavy traffic. There are times, during winter for example, when we do experience high demand for ambulance services across Aotearoa. Unfortunately, this impacts both our 111 communications centres and our ability to respond with ambulances. If your condition is not immediately life-threatening, there may be a delay in getting an ambulance to you.

I have a St John Ambulance Membership – shouldn’t I automatically be sent an ambulance if I call 111?

Thank you for supporting us. When you have an Ambulance Membership it does not mean you will automatically be sent an ambulance. It does mean if you need an ambulance, you will not have to pay the part-charge for your call-out. When you call 111, we will help find the best care for you and if that’s an ambulance, we’ll certainly send one.

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I have a medical alarm – shouldn’t I automatically be sent an ambulance if I call 111?

When you push your medical alarm or call 111, you can be sure you’ll receive whatever help you need at that time. If you push your medical alarm, we’ll call you back and talk to you through the alarm to confirm that you need assistance. Depending on your situation, sending an ambulance might be the best way for us to help you. At other times it might be better to contact a support person for you, or give you expert advice over the phone.


Speech or hearing impaired – what’s the process for me?

If you are deaf, hearing or speech impaired you can use the 111 TXT to call an ambulance. You’ll need to register for this service via the New Zealand Police website. 

 register for 111 TXT 

I’m a healthcare provider, why do I call a different number to 111?

Doctors or nurses working in medical clinics or aged care should call 0800 262 665 for an ambulance. You will be connected to clinical staff directly and asked different questions to those that we ask the public.  

This helps us to prioritise the most urgent cases so the people most in need of an ambulance can get one sooner. If your patient’s condition is life threatening, we will send an ambulance.

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