Call 0800 262 665 to request an emergency ambulance

In a medical emergency, doctors or nurses working in medical clinics or aged care should call 0800 262 665. 

A clinician or 111 call handler will answer, ensuring the most appropriate response for the patient.


Why a different number?

  • This ensures we provide the best possible care for all patients.
  • It means we can provide a faster response for patients with a life-threatening condition.

Does your patient have a life-threatening condition?

When you call 0800 262 665, your patient’s condition can be assessed as: 

  • Immediately life threatening 

  • Urgent but not immediately life threatening; or 

  • Not urgent – safe to wait.  

This helps us to prioritise patients’ needs and reach people who require urgent help faster.

Working together for the safety of all patients

We prioritise urgent patient needs

If a patient whose clinical condition is not immediately life threatening gets a high priority response, this may mean a delay in getting an ambulance to another patient with a more urgent need, putting them at greater risk.

A doctor or nurse should make the call  

To help us send the most appropriate response, whenever possible a doctor or nurse should call an ambulance. If a non-clinically trained person makes the call, please ensure they have all the available information.

If the 0800 262 665 number is busy  

Calls to 0800 262 665 are answered as soon as possible. If your patient’s condition is life-threatening, select option 1. If a paramedic is not available to answer, your call will be immediately diverted to a 111 call handler. 

Printable resources

Download our poster and other helpful information to support you when you need to call an ambulance.  

Please display this where staff can easily find it.

Please note: these resources are for professional use only and the information may not be suitable for the public.

 A4 poster

 0800 262 665 sticker

 information sheet

 form: Details we will ask for when you call

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