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In a medical emergency, call 111 and ask for "Ambulance"

Doctors or nurses working in medical clinics or aged care should call 0800 262 665

Get help and give first aid in an emergency

Not sure if it's an emergency?


We provide emergency services to 97% of Aotearoa, 24/7 - serving 90% of the population
We treated or transported 498,605 patients in 2022
We answered 645,570 emergency calls in 2022
We have 206 ambulance stations across the motu, and over 1,000 vehicles

Did you know

  • We're made up of paid staff and volunteers. It takes a team to run an ambulance service. From the person that takes your 111 call, to the people that give you advice or arrive to help, the team here at Hato Hone St John are all highly trained experts.
  • We're part of a wider team. We assist Fire and Police services by providing medical cover in emergencies and can also be found crewing on air ambulance flights.
  • We're not always on four wheels. You will also see us out and about in ‘Rapid Response Unit’ four-wheel drives and other vehicles, which means we can reach people in almost any terrain or weather situation.
  • Our services cover Aotearoa from north to south (...almost). The only regions where we do not provide emergency ambulance services are Wairarapa and Wellington. The Wellington Free Ambulance service looks after these areas.
  • In a major disaster 200 ‘Major Incident Support Team’ (MIST) volunteers are there to help when major disasters and emergencies happen.

Why was I charged for an Ambulance?

The NZ Government funds around 90% of an ambulance call out. The extra cost is covered by fundraising and in some cases, patients pay a ‘part charge’. So, you could get an invoice from us if an ambulance is sent out, depending on the type of emergency.

Annual Ambulance Membership

Becoming a member can help you manage the cost of any ambulance charges. Your whole household can be covered for an entire year for less than the cost of a single call-out.

Incredible people

Helping our local communities is what we’re here for and what we love doing. Our amazing staff and volunteers are on call for you 24/7. Find out more about our team.

Who is inside that ambulance?

Our uniformed heroes each have a different role and specialty, like 'medical technician', paramedic or a doctor - depending on the type of emergency.

Calm voices behind 111 calls

If you call 111 and ask for “Ambulance” – chances are you’re going to be relieved to speak to our trained Call Handlers. They will ask the right questions and send the help you need - which doesn’t always mean an ambulance.

What happens when you call 111

Buy an annual Ambulance MembershipPay an Ambulance part-chargeAs a charity, every cent counts. Donate now.

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