Did you know your patients over 80, have a 50% chance of falling this year?

Falls are a major threat to the independence and health of elderly patients and the single most common cause of injury. On average, St John gets notified of around 34,000 fall incidents in a year across New Zealand. 

What can you do for your elderly patients?

Serious falls can be debilitating but they are often preventable for elderly and others. With your help of early detection of those at risk, we can lower the risk and improve the outcome for your patients.

Complete the form below to request an appointment with a St John representative today to discuss how to identify those most at risk and receive practical advice on fall prevention. Also during the visit they can:

  • Provide you with our free GP Toolkit.  It makes recommending a St John Medical Alarm and other St John services for elderly quick and easy.
  • Discuss how your patients can save on ambulance charges.

We want to hear your thoughts

St John and ACC are working together to reduce the risk and improve the outcome of falls.  We are looking at ways to deliver better outcomes for medical alarm clients and would value your input. Please click here to complete five quick questions.

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