We’re on a journey towards becoming a truly integral part of New Zealand’s community health care solution of the future. The Vision for St John is enhanced health and wellbeing for all New Zealanders.

Our five Values guide how we do things together as One St John.  These are:

Whakaaro Tika
Take responsibility. Make the tough calls. Think of others.

What this looks like:

- Having the courage to speak out when things don’t seem right
- Taking ownership and pride in our work
- Acting with integrity (do what we say we’ll do)
- Being accountable
- Staying true to our purpose by making sure our relationships are at the centre of everything we do
- Acting fairly, with mutual trust and respect.

Respect, value and support what others contribute

What this looks like:

- Doing our best to be our best
- Looking after each other
- Valuing the contribution of others
- Embracing diversity of views and ideas
- Being inclusive and collaborative
- Working together to learn and share knowledge, resources and successes
- Acknowledging that we can achieve more when we’re united
- Valuing each other and enjoying working together
- Actively helping and supporting people without needing to be asked, creating an environment for others to succeed.

Acting with honesty, courage and kindness

What this looks like:

- saying what needs to be said, in a timely, diplomatic and constructive way – in the right place, at the right time and with the right person
- being honest, fair, open and respectful in all our relationships, interactions, behaviours and practices
- saying what we mean and doing what we say
- voicing our ideas and listening to others’ ideas
- having the courage to speak up
- honesty – with kindness – is our policy.

Find solutions – step up, own it, do it

What this looks like:

- Being solutions-focused when problems arise
- Taking a ‘can do’ attitude, not a ‘make do’ one
- Thinking about, and sharing, better ways of doing things
- Learning from our successes and mistakes, acknowledging both and moving forward positively
- Promoting continuous improvement and innovation across all our services and activities.

Listen openly. Encourage ideas. Welcome feedback

What this looks like:

- Welcoming the unfamiliar and encouraging growth, innovation and creative thinking
- Putting the whole of St John first, rather than individual teams or functions
- Demonstrating our belief that everyone has something to offer and good ideas can come from anywhere
- Promoting our reputation and honouring our history and ethos.

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