Manaaki Ora is our roadmap for the future, guiding us on our journey as we make life-changing differences with our communities.

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The meaning of Manaaki Ora

To offer 'manaaki' to someone is to lift up their mana, or life force, through respect, care and support. Manaaki requires us to recognise the many parts that make up a person and a community, and how we're shaped by our sense of belonging, identity, place and whānau.

'Ora' means sunshine, or light, and is about health and wellbeing. Ora is about making sure that mind, body and spirit, our wairua, are the best they can be.

With Manaaki Ora as our guide, we're extending our mahi to all communities in Aotearoa, helping everyone live healthier, happier and longer lives.

Breathing life into Manaaki Ora

Manaaki Ora has five core strategic aims for our long-term roadmap, providing us with direction over the coming years. 

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Partnering to meet community needs to achieve health equity for all 

We want everyone in Aotearoa to have equal access to what we do. 
We'll work together with our communities so that those most at risk receive the support they need to take charge of their health and wellbeing. 

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Committing to equity for Māori

This is about supporting healthy futures for Māori, ensuring everything we do is accessible and equitable. 
We partner with Māori communities to help realise their vision for hauora (wellbeing). 


Icon of light bulbEmpowering our people to deliver innovative local solutions

We want our people to have the tools and information to adapt our services to meet the needs of their local communities.
Our work comes to life through the work of our people who sit at the heart of their communities.

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Creating a place where everyone belongs

Our people's safety, health and wellbeing are our first priority.
We'll continue to build an inclusive, diverse place to work where people feel connected, included and valued. This is what energises our work. 

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Building sustainability for future generations

We want to be here, helping people for a long time.
To do this, we need to make sure our finances, operations, people and environmental footprint are sustainable.


Our place in Aotearoa New Zealand

Our vision, purpose, mission and values guide us in our mahi every day.


Diversity, inclusion and belonging

We champion a workplace where everyone belongs, and where people feel valued, connected, and included.


Meet our leadership team

Our Executive Leadership team is responsible for leading and managing our activities in New Zealand.


Our history

We have been at the heart of Aotearoa for well over 100 years.

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