To call an ambulance for a medical emergency, dial 111.

Healthcare Professionals call 0800 262 665.

People with impaired hearing phone 0800 16 16 16 (text phone only) or fax 0800 16 16 10.

There is a 111 TXT service for the Deaf, Speech and Hearing Impaired who register with Police at

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Hato Hone St John Santa Fe at night
St John Santa Fe at night

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Hato Hone St John operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We use ambulances, four-wheel drive vehicles, rapid response units, motorcycles and other specialist vehicles to ensure we can reach people at any hour of the day in almost any terrain, weather or situation.

Every year we save thousands of lives

In New Zealand, the St John ambulance Service attends nearly 390,000 emergency incidents and treats and transports over 460,000 people every year. We have more than 1,000 operational vehicles and 206 ambulance stations. Hato Hone St John provides emergency ambulance services to nearly 90% of New Zealanders. The only areas where we do not provide emergency ambulance services are Wairarapa and Wellington although we provide other services there - St John first aid Training, St John medical alarms, Event Health Services and Youth programmes.

Ambulance officer treating patient

Ambulance officer treating patient

It’s not all about emergencies
As well as responding to emergencies, Hato Hone St John also:

  • transports patients for arranged hospital admissions and to hospital outpatient clinics
  • transfers patients between hospitals or from hospital to home
  • assists Police and Fire and Emergency services by providing medical cover in emergency situations
  • arranges and crews air ambulance flights
  • monitors St John medical alarms

How our services are funded
St John ambulance services are not fully funded by Government. Contracts with the Ministry of Health, ACC and District Health Boards (DHBs) fund approximately 80% of the direct operating costs. The shortfall must be made up from payment of part charges, community donations, and fundraising activities.

We are a charity, and rely on financial and voluntary support to help fund the services we provide to your community. Ambulance part charges are a necessary and important contribution to help us continue all that we do.

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111 calls go to our Ambulance Communications Centres
New Zealand ambulance services are managed from three Ambulance Communications Centres located in, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Dispatchers at the centres are trained to dispatch and coordinate all land, water and air ambulance services.
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Every ambulance officer is trained
All St John ambulance officers receive on-going clinical training from Hato Hone St John. Our clinical training is constantly being reviewed and aligned to national and international clinical practices.  
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See inside a St John ambulance
Our 360° video tour gives you a complete view of a typical St John ambulance. 

Jump inside our ambulance for a closer look - Take a Spin360 Virtual Tour
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