Find out about Manaaki Mamao, our new in-home telehealth service.

Manaaki Mamao is currently offered to Māori and Pasifika people to help manage their hypertension (high blood pressure) from the comfort of home over a six month period. This is a free service to help address health inequity. 

 "Hato Hone St John noticed that my blood pressure was measuring a lot lower than usual. I told them that I was noticing some dizzy spells whenever I stood up and after talking to them about this, they picked up that I might be doubling up on meds and contacted my doctor who then sent me to Middlemore Hospital. Thanks to their help, the issue was sorted and my blood pressure is now back to normal." 


How does it work?
  • Hato Hone St John works closely with hauora (health care) providers and GPs. Hauora providers and GPs own the relationship with the whaiora and refer them to the service. We update their GP with their progress, so they can provide them with the best care plan, to help manage their blood pressure.
  • We help with the onboarding, installation, training and ongoing support. We also provide regular wellbeing and clinical care and emergency escalation if required.
  • Our technology partner Spritely provides Aotearoa based software that is easy to use. They embrace co-design principles when developing the telehealth software used in this service.
What will participants receive?
  • A tablet with internet connectivity that allows whaiora (patients) to receive regular video consultations, medication reminders, and check-in calls from our clinicians
  • A blood pressure monitor to record their blood pressure daily
  • Face-to-face training on how to use the equipment provided
About Hato Hone St John and Manaaki Mamao

Our vision of ‘enhanced health and wellbeing for all’ includes a focus on Maori health equity. Our organisational strategy, Manaaki Ora, identifies equity for Maori as one of our five strategic aims. Also, our ‘Aka’ Maori health strategy emphasizes ‘mana motuhake’ (self-determination) as the guiding principle for all relationships with Maori.

This flows into the tikanga (protocol) of Manaaki Mamao, to ensure we provide a service that best meets the needs of our Maori and Pasifika whaiora. We have started with hypertension given its relationship with stroke and cardiovascular disease and are looking to extend to other health conditions. Proactively monitoring people in these situations means we may avoid sending a real ambulance to them later when things could be far more serious. We can prevent harm from occurring by addressing and managing the condition early.

Our role in delivering Manaaki Mamao is that of kaiwhatu (weaver). We work together with local hauora Maori providers to deliver health services to Maori and ensure whaiora have a more proactive, frequent and richer experience when managing their medical conditions.

How do I find out more?

To find out more email our Manaaki Mamao team if you’d like to:

  • Learn how you or your whānau can be part of Manaaki Mamao
  • Refer your patients to the Manaaki Mamao service as a GP or Hauora Provider
  • Help support this service or fund it in your area
  • Ask any further questions

Or contact one of our partners to be part of this service at your next GP appointment:


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