Get our annual Ambulance Membership, and for less than the cost of an ambulance call-out, your household can be covered for an entire year.

In a medical emergency such as a stroke or a heart attack, a possible life-saving trip in our ambulance will normally cost you $98 in part charges.

With an Ambulance Membership these charges are covered for a year. This means you can concentrate on getting better, and not worry about unexpected bills.

Join now by completing the form further down this page, or renew your existing membership by clicking this button.

If you need help with your details - give us a call on 0800 ST JOHN (0800 785 646)

 Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.   

Ambulance Membership benefits

Ambulance officers in front of an ambulance

With this annual pre-paid fee - if you need us in a medical emergency, you won't have to pay any part-charges.

What's more, the fee is less than the charge for one ambulance trip! 

  • Free - Hato Hone St John attendance in a medical emergency if required.
  • Free - Transport to hospital or emergency medical clinic in an emergency if required.
  • Free - Attendance and/or transport for accident-related injuries if required.
  • Feel good - Knowing that your membership fees go towards running all the Hato Hone St John programmes that help your community, as well as ambulance services.
  • Feel confident - Knowing that you can call us when you need us. Our Clinical Hub has trained medical practitioners to assess your condition and offer the best support and advice directly over the phone.

Get an Ambulance Membership today

If you're a new member, choose which Ambulance Membership you'd like, and then complete the form below.

Individual membership just $55 per year.
Covers 1 person.

Joint membership $75 per year. 
Covers 2 people living permanently at the same address.

Household membership $90 per year.
Covers 3-10 people living permanently at the same address.


Prices include GST. Rates current as of 1 December 2022
Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. 

If you'd like help, please just call our Customer Services team on 0800 ST JOHN (0800 785 646) and they'll help you get set up.


Sign up by completing the form below

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3+ people living permanently at the same address
(suitable for all ages)

Principal Member Details
Please note all correspondence will be addressed to the principal member

* A phone or mobile is required (Numbers only - no symbols)
* Kindly type in your email address instead of copying and pasting it

Please note that 'date of birth' information is used to correctly identify customers to ensure the accurate processing of claims.

Payment Details

If you would like to make a donation alongside your membership, please enter the amount into the donation field below. An official receipt will be issued for all donations of $5.00 or more


To complete payment securely for your Membership via credit/debit card, or Account2Account (bank transfer), please select 'Submit' below.

To keep your payment information safe, you may need to complete a security check on the next page that uses pictures. If you have difficulty seeing the pictures, select the headphones icon to complete the security check using sounds.

Privacy Policy

St John is concerned with protecting the privacy of your personal information. Information provided to us will be used in accordance with our privacy policy and may be used to contact you for feedback and research purposes. You can review our privacy policy here.

Renewing your membership?

Are you an existing member and would like to renew your Ambulance Membership? Don't sign up again, just click the "RENEW" button below to quickly renew!

All you'll need is your membership number (this can be found at the top of your renewal or expiry letter or emails we send you) and the surname of the principal member. Thanks so much for your ongoing support!

Got an Ambulance Bill?

Pay your bill online now with debit/credit card or via account2account (bank transfer).

If you have an active membership and would like to query your bill - please give us a call on 0800 ST JOHN (0800 785 646).

Please note. New Ambulance Memberships do not retrospectively cover invoices from the past.

 Pay an invoice for an ambulance
 ambulance charges explained  


For more information go to our Ambulance Membership questions page.


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