Create a long-lasting legacy that celebrates your life by protecting and saving others.

Your gift - no matter the size - will help save lives

We are incredibly grateful when people name us in their Will, and gifts big and small really do make a difference. Even a small percentage of your estate could have a lasting impact by helping the community to look after the health and wellbeing of future generations. Through your kind and generous gift, you will not only help us to save lives but also play an important part in making life-changing differences with our communities.

How will my gift be used?  

You can tell us what you’d like your gift to go towards, or you can leave it to us to choose where it is needed most. You could help us to train paramedics, pay for ambulances and essential medical equipment, help build ambulance stations or provide community support and first aid training programmes. 

 Where your money goes 

Leaving a gift in your Will is an incredible way for your values to live on and will help us care for communities throughout Aotearoa. We promise to honour and respect your legacy.  

 We spend wisely 

Every dollar you give will be   stretched as far as possible. Your gift will be used cost-   effectively to have the most impact and we will remain   financially transparent and accountable.

Staff working with childrenWe respect your privacy

You make the choice about how we contact you for matters surrounding your Will in the future. That way, we can keep you connected to the lifesaving work your gift will make possible.

Family and friends togetherFamily and friends come first

We understand that the most important thing is providing for your whanau before you consider donating to charities like us.

How will I be remembered?

We would like to make sure that your generosity is acknowledged in a way that’s meaningful to you. If you’d like to pay for new equipment or help build a new ambulance station and have it dedicated in your name, we’re very happy to do this. If you prefer to give anonymously, that’s fine too.

Find out more

If you’d like to leave a gift in your Will, please email our team or call us at 033537110 ext 3238 or download the brochure here. We will also update the executor of your Will on the outcome of your lasting legacy.

You can also fill in our enquiry form and one of our team members will contact you.

Stories of caring people like you who have left a future gift 


What if I haven’t made a Will yet?

A Will is a legal document stating how you want to provide for the people and organisations you care for. It’s important you have one, to ensure your final wishes are carried out as you intend them to be.

What if I already have a Will in place?

We strongly recommend that you discuss your plans with your immediate family and seek advice from a legal advisor when updating or arranging your Will. 

It could be as simple as including an update or a codicil. We can provide you with the suggested Will wording to include us The Order of St John in your Will.

What wording should I use to leave you a gift in my Will?
  1. I give the sum of $ ____ (or) ____ % (or) ____ share of my estate, (or) residue of my estate, (or) property or assets as follows to The Order of St John National Office (CC35255) to support ambulance and community services in New Zealand.
  2. I declare that the receipt of a fully authorised officer of The Order of St John National Office shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustee and my Trustee shall not be thereafter bound to see to the application of the above gift.
What type of gift can I leave you?

Once you've provided for your family and those close to you, you can choose to leave us either a percentage, share of your estate, or an exact sum of money.

Are there other ways I can support Hato Hone St John?

We're grateful for any support you’d like to give us. If you decide a gift in Will is not for you, there are other ways to donate. Thank you for your generosity.

Do I need to inform you about my gift?

While you don't need to let us know if you're leaving us a gift, we would like to be able to thank you personally and acknowledge your generosity.

It would be a privilege for us to share with you how your future gift will be making life-changing differences with our communities. It also helps us properly plan our future programmes.

Letting us know you intend to leave a gift can be a good idea, just in case your Will is challenged. That way, it's less likely your final wishes may be amended by a court. 

I am an executor of the Will and I wish to talk to someone about a gift in Will, how do I go about this?

For enquiries about setting up a future gift or advising us on a bequest from an Estate, contact our Gift in Wills team on email or call 033537110 ext 3238

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