The St John Health Shuttle is a free community service that transports people to essential medical and health-related appointments, and then brings them home again.

Volunteer on a Health Shuttle:

How do we help people?

Our volunteers make over 50,000 trips per year getting people to appointments. Our Health Shuttle service is often used by older people who live alone and no longer drive. It’s also used by people who are too unwell to drive and those who can’t physically access other transport options.  

Getting people to appointments

Reasons to use the service include doctor visits, dental appointments, specialist appointments, hospital day-stays for minor surgery and any other types of health appointments.

Would you like to find out about Health Shuttles in your area?

Health Shuttles operate in many areas across New Zealand. The service can run at different times, depending on the needs of each community. To find out where the service runs and more details about Health Shuttle in your community please contact us.

What skills and training do our volunteers have?

Health Shuttle volunteers understand the need for care and want to make a difference to people in the community. They have a full driver’s license, enjoy working with people and have an appreciation of different cultures. St John provides training and ongoing support to all our volunteers.

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in becoming a Health Shuttle volunteer we would love to hear from you.

Call us on 0800 000 606 or click on the links below.

Volunteer on a Health Shuttle: