Myth: Following a motorbike accident the helmet should not be removed by a first aider. 


If the patient is unconscious it may be necessary to remove the rider’s helmet to gain access to the airway. Initially, if there is no response, the patient should be carefully rolled onto their side for airway care. If a detachable visor is present, it should be carefully removed to permit access to the mouth and nose area. If a chin strap is present, it should be undone or cut through to allow access to the mouth and lower jaw. The helmet may still provide protection to the patient’s head and the first aider may not need to remove it.

If the patient is conscious and breathing with a clear airway, it is best to leave the helmet in place until the arrival of the ambulance.

If the patient is unresponsive and not breathing normally it is essential to remove the helmet to allow the airway to be opened and cleared.

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