Did you know...?

  • Falls are the most common source of injury in NZ* - it could happen to you
  • People over the age of 65 have a one in three chance of falling this year - one in five will suffer serious injuries*
  • Women are one and a half times more likely to fall than men*, so women are particularly at risk of falls
  • Falling in the home accounts for more injuries to New Zealanders than road and workplace accidents combined* - chances are, if you have a fall it'll be at home

* Source: ACC, 2015

St John has recently teamed up with the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) on a three-year programme aimed at reducing the likelihood of older adult falls in the home and the harm that these cause.

At St John Medical Alarm service visits, our St John Medical Alarm clients will be offered the opportunity to have their homes checked (at no cost) to help identify some of the falls hazards that they might not be aware of, using a Home Safety Checklist developed by ACC. With client permission, we’ll be checking on things like whether rugs are non-slip, whether there is a non-slip surface or bathmat next to the shower or bath, and whether footpaths look like they will be well-lit at night. We’ll then make some recommendations for changes that our clients might like to consider making to help make their homes a safer environment against falls.

The Home Safety Checklist will also provide clients with some ideas to identify other risks when they see them as it’s always worthwhile to keep thinking about home safety. We’ll also follow-up with our clients at our next visit to see how they’re going with the things we talked about at our home safety check.

The checks will be conducted by St John Medical Alarm Representatives, who will be wearing a St John uniform and carrying staff identification. 

You can see the Home Safety Checklist we’ll be using here

How safe is your home? A simple checklist to help identify any hazards in your home (135 KB pdf)

Further information about reducing the risk of Falls

Do you want to know more reducing the risk of falls?

Standing up to falls: Your guide to preventing falls and protecting your independence (1687 KB pdf)

Stay independent: Are you at risk of falling? (1431 KB pdf)

Visit the ACC website >>

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