What comes with my St John Medical Alarm?

A St John Medical Alarm consists of two pieces of equipment – a base unit and a push-button pendant. The system is very easy to use. In an emergency, such as a fall, simply push the button on the pendant. St John will immediately call you back and speak to you through the loudspeaker in the base unit to check if you are ok. If you aren’t able to answer, an ambulance will be dispatched straight away.  Any ambulance charges are included as part of the medical alarm service – you won’t have to deal with any ambulance bills if your alarm has St John on it.

Ours is the only medical alarm in New Zealand that is monitored by St John.

The technology we use is amongst the best available.

The technology we use is amongst the best available.

Did you know?

Falls are the single largest cause of injury for New Zealanders and the second most common reason for using ambulance services. Every year in New Zealand, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 have a fall. For those over the age of 80 the rate increases to 1 in 2. Often the amount of time it takes to get help determines how quickly people recover from a fall.

With more certainty around timely access to help in any emergency, St John Medical Alarms can give older people the confidence they need to stay living independently.

About the base unit

The base unit is either connected to a telephone line in your home or to the cellular (mobile) network. It dials St John in an emergency and allows you to speak to us, even if you can’t make it to your phone. Some base units have added features like an in-built hands free telephone or movement sensors.

About the pendant

You wear the push-button pendant – usually around your neck or on your wrist, but other options are available too. It has a button that can be pushed in an emergency. The button is designed to minimise the likelihood of an accidental activation. The pendant will work around your home and garden. Longer distance pendants are also available for those living on larger sections or lifestyle blocks.

Alarm Options

We offer a full range of alarms to meet your needs, including wireless models.  That means even if you no longer have a home landline, you can still have the reassurance of a St John Medical Alarm in your home.




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