Your alarm is monitored directly by St John. In an emergency, we will assess your situation and organise the most appropriate assistance.

How the St John Medical Alarm service works

The St John Medical Alarm service is designed to help New Zealanders live independently for longer. It’s ideal for seniors who live alone, people with a physical disability and anyone with a health condition that might require emergency assistance.

Keeping you safe and sound at home

Your St John Medical Alarm will work whether you’re inside your home or out in the garden. It means you can continue to enjoy your independent lifestyle, because help is at hand any time of the day or night.

An instant connection to St John

In New Zealand, our medical alarms are the only emergency calling devices that are monitored by St John.  The technology we use is amongst the very best and ensures you get the help you need quickly.

Here’s how the service works:

  • If something happens to you – a fall, feeling suddenly unwell, or anything else that puts you at risk – simply press the button on your St John Medical Alarm pendant, which you will normally be wearing around your neck or wrist
  • Pressing the emergency button automatically alerts St John.  Straight away, we can see your name and location
  • We immediately call you back, speaking to you through the loudspeaker in your alarm’s base unit. If you don’t answer, an ambulance will be organised for you and will attend as soon as possible
  • If you do answer, we’ll check you’re ok and organise the most appropriate help for your situation.  This could include an ambulance, a paramedic in an alternative vehicle, another emergency service or expert advice. Where appropriate, we may also notify your preferred carer or a family member.  

St John to the rescue

All St John responding personnel are emergency healthcare professionals who are trained under a nationally accredited training programme. They have the medical knowledge and equipment to provide the right care in the right way.

We’ve also recently made improvements to the 111 ambulance service, adding registered nurses and paramedics to our 111 ambulance call centre who carry out detailed clinical assessments over the phone and provide advice.

If you need an ambulance urgently, we’ll get one to you as soon as possible. If you don’t need an ambulance, we’ll find the best treatment for you. We’ll do that by having an experienced St John nurse or paramedic call you back and perform a detailed telephone assessment. We call this the 111 Clinical Hub

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