Terry from Auckland shares his story why he chose a St John Medical Alarm and how it has helped him.

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Letter received from Madeline (age 87)

Dear St John,

Our GP arranged a St John alarm for my husband. I cannot find adequate words to express how grateful I have been for the service that alarm brought for my husband. Many times I had to use it as he struggled to breathe. At times I was near panic. Those ambulance people were so quick and so efficient, caring and ‘in charge’ in a polite, well-mannered way. Their calmness calmed me down.

Once they had rung ahead for another ambulance with special breathing apparatus to meet us as we hastened to the hospital. Our ambulance pulled over to a curb – the other ambulance pulled up close by. What they did allowed my husband to reach the hospital alive.

St John Ambulance help, and having that alarm always around his neck, helped us both in the most difficult of times. Right to the last ambulance voyage to hospital, those ambulance people were out-of-this-world wonderful in all they did and in the way they treated such an ill man with reverence and respect.

I am widowed now and wear a St John alarm myself. I feel safe and never feel alone. I’m the sort who doesn’t like bothering people for help for myself. I didn’t hesitate to get help for my husband but I’ve had to call the ambulance twice for me.

These kindly ambulance people got me to the hospital and gently told me not to wait too long before pressing that button…I heeded the advice and pressed the button the second time as soon as I knew I needed help. I wouldn’t be without my St John alarm day or night. It gives me security and allows me to live where my memories are for as long as possible.

At 87, and after a lifetime of being influenced by the St John service, I can say that for 125 years, New Zealanders have been so fortunate to have the wonderful and prompt help in all circumstances from those who work for St John.

I know I’m not the first or will be the last to be so glad to live in New Zealand and I have our St John service to call when in need. You just never know when it’s your turn to need help – that emergency button is a Godsend.


Madeline (age 87)

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