Carly Flynn

Presenter, Target

“A few months ago our 13 month old son Jude had a wee fall off a mini trampoline and bumped his head. It was obvious immediately this wasn't your normal bump so we called St John Ambulance straight away. They were there within minutes. I was beside myself with a convulsing son in my arms, but the two officers were amazing, so calm, kind and reassuring. They made me feel so safe and as though everything would be ok.

The delayed concussion happened again the following evening and we called 111 again, a different pairing came round, and again, made us feel like we were doing exactly the right thing, with the utmost care for our whole family (upset mum, dad, and 2yo daughter).

They were incredible and I can't believe they rely on donations. I hate to think what would have happened without their assistance.”

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